How we work

We assist our customers to considerably cut down on test costs and realize the best
electronic products
at the lowest cost. We provide intelligent measurement modules and related solutions that allow exploiting current testing (IDDQ, ISSQ, ICCQ, IDDT, IDDX, ISSX, ICCX) to its full extend.

Ridgetop Europe provides solutions for:

  • High Speed and Highly Repeatable High Precision Current Measurements
    • Our current measurement modules enable to make current measurements 50 to 1000 times faster than comparable ATE equipment and offer 1 to 2 orders of magnitude improvement in measurement quality.
  • Test Time Reduction
    • A proper implementation of our solutions and methodologies allows up to 10 times reduction of total test time without a loss of product quality.
  • IC/Product Quality Improvement, supporting 0ppm goals
    • Making use of our test and measurement solutions and related test strategies allows to easily reach 0ppm production rejects.
  • IC Reliability Improvement, supporting 0DPM objectives
    • Similar as for Quality improvement, making use of our test and measurement solutions and related test strategies allows to assure 0ppm field returns and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Faster Failure analysis
    • Exploiting the information made available by advanced current measurement solutions and combining this with emission spectroscopy and traditional failure analysis
      techniques, allows to reduce the failure analysis investigation times and provide results within 1 day.
  • Test Engineering
    • Our Test Engineering services and solutions are related to Test program development, engineering, optimization as well as test program conversion and test application support.
  • Electronic Engineering
    • Our Electronic Engineering services and solutions are related to design and development of electronic circuits and systems, with a focus on test and measurement applications, and range from design over prototype development, validation and verification, to small series production.

With Ridgetop Europes Q-Star Test (supply) current test solutions, IC designers can embed test functionality into a semiconductor design that is used during semiconductor qualification and can be reused during the lifetime of the chip, Test Engineers can add functionality and improve the performance of their test systems, both at wafer level as well as at packed device level test.

Ridgetop Europe solutions enable to test semiconductors faster and better, reduce test preparation efforts, reduce test time, lower overall manufacturing costs, improve product quality and reliability at no extra costs and even while reducing costs, reduce system failures and field returns and reduce overall time-to-market.

After working with us, you can expect the following results:

  • Reduce your test efforts, test costs and test escape risks
  • Reduce your production test time without sacrificing quality
  • Increase your engineering and failure analysis productivity
  • Improve your product quality and monitor process quality
  • Extend the use and application of IDDQ testing to Deep-Submicron and Nanotechnologies
  • Implement analog IDD, IDDT and ISSX testing on your production test floor
  • Have a guarantee that the devices operation conditions are maintained

or simply stated : Save Time and Make (more) Money!

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working with us, please contact us.



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