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Significant test time reduction, considerable cost savings, Short term ROI
Up to 10x reduction in total test time (500x reduction in IDDQ test time)more…

Product quality improvement
combined with test time reduction
4x reduction in total IDDQ test time, 23x increase in IDDQ test patterns

60K$ savings / Mdev more…

5x reduction in total test time (comparison versus Agilent 93K)

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas
Product quality improvement
combined with test time reduction
automated adaptive decision making
test service supplier and test system

AMI Semiconductor
100% failure correlation
between the FA lab and the production ATE and to reuse the
available IDDQ vectors to quickly identify the root cause of the failure by combining IDDQ
with Liquid Cristal and EMMI. FA investigation & reporting time reduction from more than
2 weeks to 2 to 3 days

Dialog Semiconductor
Significant reduction of test costs compared to the use of conventional IDDQ testing,
whilst meeting the stringent Automotive quality demands when implementing advanced
IDDQ screening methodologies
. Improved IDDQ data quality supporting better decision
making more…

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