Q-Star Test provides services and products supporting a total-solution test strategy. We offer measurement equipment, test and design for test (DFT) consulting services and training courses.

As a world leading provider our state-of-the-art solutions support the application and implementation of advanced IDDX and ISSX test strategies and allow to rethink and optimize electronic testing.

Q-Star Tests DFT consulting and training services aim to bridge the still existing gap between design and test of electronic products and to avoid costly redesign cycles due to lacking test requirements by providing IC designers a better insight in the test process and test requirements and to support the implementation of a proper DFT strategy as part of the design flow. Considering testability already from the start of the design cycle, avoids costly redesign cycles addressing test and verification limitations and further allows to reduce the overall product costs by providing test optimization means once product verification has been done.

Q-Star Test services

We offer consulting and training on the following main themes:

  • Test and Design for Test.
  • Design for test (DFT) methodologies and implementation.
  • Test strategy improvement.
  • Hardware - software co-design and the aspect of Test and Design for Test
  • Supply-current-based DFT methodologies and techniques.
  • Supply-current test application and measurement strategies.
  • Achieving 0ppm quality and Reliability.

With a focus on training this translates to training courses on topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Introduction to Test for Designers
  • What is test all about, fault models and test pattern generation
  • Design for Test (DFT) methodologies and their application (BIST, SCAN, Boundary SCAN, ...)
  • IDDX DFT, test and implementation strategies

With a focus on consulting this translates to consulting services for the design team on topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Test background, Fault models & (Iddq) Test pattern generation
  • Iddx related and general design and design for test techniques
  • Supply current test based test pattern generation optimization
  • Use and application of Built-in current monitors
  • Hardware - Software codesign test aspects.

and towards the test engineering & production testing teams this translates to topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Test optimization and Test strategy improvement
  • Supply current test strategies & implementation
  • Use of IDDQ monitor modules
  • IDDX based test optimization

Q-Star Tests engineering services address two main themes:

Test Engineering

Our test engineering services (partly provided in cooperation with our partners) address the various aspects of

  • test program development
  • test program conversion
  • test program optimization
  • test preparation
  • test application and execution.

Electronic Engineering

Our Electronic Engineering services and solutions (based on the know-how for the development of highly reliable and high-performance measurement modules) are related to design and development of electronic circuits and systems, with a focus on test and measurement applications, address both hardware and (embedded) software development and range from design over prototype development, validation and verification, to small series production.

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